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REF10 Upgrade Option

In the interest of general sustainability and the lasting value of your MUTEC product, we offer you the possibility of upgrading the proven MUTEC REF10 reference master clock generator to the perfected level of the special edition REF10 SE120.

Both models are based on the same technical foundation. Therefore, by replacing the standard oscillator with the hand selected SE120 oscillator, we can turn your REF10 into a REF10 SE120! Of course, this is followed by a full test of your unit and the final calibration of the new SE120 oscillator. In addition, you will receive an exclusive phase noise measurement report of the oscillator used in your unit, which includes its serial number and that of your unit. This gives you the guarantee that your oscillator complies with the specifications we have prospected.

The upgrade has a clearly noticeable positive effect on the sound quality of your connected audio devices: aspects such as resolution, spatiality, coherence and realism gain considerably. The acoustic stage becomes even wider and the sonic depth of the instruments even more concise.

Some testimonials from delighted users:

My initial expectations from the upgrade were modest: perhaps to detect a marginal difference at best. Oh boy, was I wrong. The SE120 has pushed my system to new heights.
Guy Zilberman, Thailand

I listened to my upgraded REF10 and the result is amazing: the separation between instruments, harmonic richness and spatialization are much better than before.
Frédéric Laglaive, France

I didn't thought that the difference to my ‘old’ REF10 would be so huge. A real blast!
Daniel Steinert, Habst Kabel, Germany

I am really surprised, I would not have imagined such a big difference with the REF10 SE120!
Frank Armbruster, concert audio, Germany

All feedback and reviews on the superior REF10 SE120 can be found here.

Upgrade Information

The price for the upgrade is 1,999.00 Euro (incl. German VAT).
The price for the upgrade including new front panel and new case showing REF10 SE120 imprints is 2,299.00 Euro (incl. German VAT).
The cost of return shipping varies depending on the destination country of the customer. Any costs additionally incurring, such as local customs claims or import taxes, are to be borne by the recipient of the upgraded MUTEC device.

The upgrade is executed exclusively directly by MUTEC in Berlin. You send us your REF10 and within an average of 14 days we send back your modified device, presupposing all needed parts are in stock of MUTEC warehouse.

We will inform you of all the procedure details of the transaction in advance by e-mail.
If you are interested in the upgrade, please send an e-mail to or use the following contact form:

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  • Installation of a handselected oscillator with outstanding technical specifications
  • Adjustment and measurement protocol included
  • Ultimate enhancement of audiophile performance
  • Upgrade only available directly from the manufacturer MUTEC
  • New housing and new front panel as an option