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Our Mission since 1989: Perfecting Digital Audio

Modern digital audio technology allows us to produce and enjoy music in the very best sound quality. It offers fascinating possibilities to realize the intentions of the artist in the studio in a most accurate, manifold and therefore authentic way. At the same time, digital audio components enable the music lover at home to experience the results of the artist´s creation as realistic as possible. The songs, works and sounds. Every musical micro detail, every relevant aspect becomes audible: the true representation of the timbre of an instrument, the staggered 3-dimensional imaging, the unique articulation of a voice. This is the only way a genuine emotional bonding to the musician can develop, and the only way to make the listening experience complete and fulfilling.

For a perfect result during creation in the studio and reproduction in the home environment, digital signal processing requires the highest degree of attentiveness and quality at every level. Nowadays, average results can be achieved digitally with modest effort. But if we strive for the utmost performance, there are many critical aspects to consider. Complex measures and extreme precision are required in all areas. For this purpose MUTEC develops and manufactures the appropriate tools: high-quality audio re-clockers, master clock generators, interfaces, format converters and signal distributors. Through these devices we are bringing digital signal processing to its full potential. Our Mission is called: Perfecting Digital Audio.

MUTEC was founded in 1989 by Christian Peters, while he was still studying at the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Berlin in the field of Precision Mechanics and Electronic Equipment Engineering. At first the company produced alternative memory cards and interfaces for the leading digital samplers S01, S950, S1000, S1100 as well as the legendary MPC drum computers by Akai. Through his contact with the professional audio scene, Christian Peters, who was also active as a DJ and musician and had meanwhile graduated as an engineer, recognized the special requirements that emerged from the increasing digitalization in the studio. This resulted in the first stand-alone MUTEC audio devices. They were dedicated to interface harmonization, synchronization and format conversion in the professional studio.

Due to their quality, reliability and functionality, MUTEC devices are used in radio and television productions, recording studios, mastering studios as well as in theaters, concert venues and universities all over the world.

In 2013 the first externally synchronizable device in MUTEC’s MC series was released. The MC3+ excelled because of its new developed 1G-Clock Technology. This product set new standards in the industry for the performance of ultra-low jitter clocks. For the first time it enabled audio re-clocking, i.e. the real re-clocking of digital audio signals. Because of this key feature the MC3+ was no longer used in professional studios only, but also attracted the interest of audiophile listeners. This very successful product was followed in 2016 by the improved version MC3+USB, which also added an USB-input. With this device, which significantly increased the sound quality of a computer-based music playback system at home, MUTEC made its final entry into the worldwide hi-fi market. Furthermore, the generally down-to-earth pricing of MUTEC products compared to the often not justifiable dimensions common in the high-end segment was (and still is) a relevant reason for its success among dedicated music lovers.

To date, the best-selling device in the portfolio: MC3+USB

Even after more than 30 years in the business, MUTEC founder Christian Peters continues to hold the position of managing director and plays a leading role in shaping the brand's product development and strategy. MUTEC has always remained based in Berlin, but has build an Europe-wide network of specialized contributors and employees in research and development, marketing, support and sales. These experts are not only bonded by a special expertise in their respective working areas, but also by their love of music and fascination with the best possible sound reproduction quality. More than a dozen dedicated distributors ensure that MUTEC components are available through qualified dealers in many countries around the world. Knowledgeable and reliable service on site is guaranteed at all times.

A major reason for the reliable quality of MUTEC equipment.

All MUTEC devices are Made In Germany. They are manufactured in Germany according to the most rigorous quality standards, with many important components coming directly from local productions of specialized suppliers. MUTEC products are designed to be sustainable; they are characterized by long product cycles and high durability. The reliability of an electronic device is of major importance, especially in an everyday professional studio environment.

The foundation of the brand`s success is based on the serious technical development of the devices.
This synergy of the latest scientific achievements, a solution-oriented research spirit, a high level of expertise and a wealth of experience guarantees unique products of outstanding quality.

The excellent technical specifications are the foundation for all the significant sonic improvements that a MUTEC device provides in the context of a digital audio system.
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Peters - Managing Director MUTEC

A prime example of our philosophy is the REF10 SE120 model from 2021. This special version of the established REF10 reference master clock, which was first introduced in 2019, offers the lowest phase noise and jitter values in the industry to our knowledge. The validity of this well founded, fact based development approach to MUTEC products is regularly confirmed to us by customers and reviewers alike. They report, sometimes even ecstatic, about the positive influence of our devices on the sound quality of their digital audio systems.

This is exactly how digital audio should sound.
Harald Wittig, FIDELITY, Germany

I am really impressed with the REF10 SE120!
Zino Mikorey, Mastering Engineer, Germany

This is probably one of my very best upgrades to my audio system at all.
Morten Woxvold Bjønnnes, Norway

Adding a MUTEC MC3+USB to your music source will improve a system substantially.
Dan Worth, Hifi Pig, England

This feedback from convinced users of MUTEC equipment encourages us to continue on this path. It is extremely satisfying for all MUTEC employees that our highly specialized devices enable professional users in studios as well as music lovers in front of their home stereo systems to realize their sonic dreams without compromise.
Day after day, it remains our goal to continuously improve the quality of digital audio processing and transmission: Perfecting Digital Audio.