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Wordclock Distribution Amplifier and Audio Clock Converter

Product discontinued!

  • Distributes and converts Word Clock, AES3/11 and S/PDIF
  • Extracts and re-generates clock signals out of digital audio signals
  • Improves audio quality of connected devices
  • Handles clock rates from 32.0 kHz up to 192.0 kHz/768.0 kHz
  • upports so-called Super Clocks for older Digidesign ProTools systems
  • Offers 4 inputs and 11 outputs in total
  • Protects from reference signal dropouts
  • Supplies interruption-free output signals
  • AES11, Grade 1, internal reference clock (0.5 ppm)
  • Compact case size fits in every studio set-up
  • Built-in international power supply
  • This product incorporates JetPLL™ clocking technologies, used under licence from Sonopsis. JetPLL™ designs are covered by Sonopsis copyright and/or multiple patents. The JetPLL™ word and logo are trademarks of Sonopsis. Further information can be found at


The MUTEC MC7 is a very flexible, high-performance Word Clock distribution amplifier and audio clock converter. In today’s studio environments, clock distribution is more significant as mostly assumed. Actually, a clock signal does more than only synchronizing digital audio devices, it does also influence the acoustical result of your recordings. Due to this, the MC7 is designed to cover both aspects with excellence!

The MC7 converts and distributes Word Clock, AES3/11 and S/P-DIF signals. An incoming reference signal passes latest audiophil-optimized PLL circuits, to be distributed and output as low-jitter, high-quality clock signal, regardless of the condition of the reference signal. Thereby, connected audio devices will benefit from the MC7’s signal regeneration abilities, which improve their sound qualities audibly.

Furthermore, the MC7 functions as multiplier for the clock rate of the incoming reference signal. Therefore, the outputs can be individually multiplied by x1, x2, x4, which leads to a very wide range of possible output Word Clock rates from 32.0 kHz up to 768.0 kHz. This enables e.g. the contemporaneous output of an incoming 48.0 kHz reference signal with 96.0 kHz, 192.0 kHz and as so-called Digidesign Super Clock. A special ‘Pass’ functionality secures the availability of an incoming digital audio signal for further use.

For live or broadcast use, a special ‘Hold’ functionality can be activated additionally with every operation mode. This function guarantees interruption-free output signal supply in cases when the external reference is of insufficient quality or lost completely. Thus, the MC7 is predestined to be used as centralized clock stabilizer and distributor, where reliable signal availability is a must.

Due to its synchronisation features and connection flexibility, the MC7 offers unique possibilities to provide interconnections between digital audio devices on a reliable and useful basis. This all makes MC7 for sure an unique and outstanding digital audio clock distributor and converter enabling to handle every clocking issue in your studio set-up with ease!

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  • Stellate Word Clock distribution
  • Sound improvement of digital audio devices
  • Audiophil clock recovery and regeneration
  • Interconnection of consumer and professional digital audio devices
  • Line extension for e.g. theatre or broadcast installations
  • Output expansion for MUTEC's iClock, iClockdp, iD, iDdp, MC3, MC3.1 and MC3.2