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SD/HD Video Routing Matrix and Distributor

MC5 is a flexible SD video + HD tri-level signal routing matrix and distributor.

  • Routing matrix and signal distribution functionalities in one box
  • Compatible to HD tri-level, PAL, NTSC, SECAM
  • Accepts four independent video input signals simultaneously
  • Distributes HD tri-level YPbPr component signals
  • Built-in international power supply

The MC5 offers video signal routing and distribution for various signal standards and formats at the same time. As for this, the box provides 4 BNC inputs which can be routed individually to12 BNC outputs. A new designed, simple user interface enables this unit to be installed without training time. The MC5 provides an ideal output expansion for MUTEC’s video products, e.g. iClock, iClockdp, MC-3.1, MC-3.2 and MC-3.3.

Due to its free assignable routing principle, the MC5 is useable in a wide range of video applications. One input reference signal can be distributed to one, but also on up to 12 outputs. When inputing more signals the available number of outputs will be reduced accordingly. But due to the routing capabilities of MC5, the number of the outputs for the individual input signals can be assigned free. Additionally, the unit offers a preset management which allows to store and to switch over 4 different settings of all outputs. So, MC5 enables to configure the exact needed number of outputs for every video distribution application very easily.

The Right Cables for MC5


The Right Cables for MC5 - PSC 75 BNC/BNC

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  • Stellate SD video and HD tri-level signal distribution
  • Mixed video signal distribution
  • Free assignment of the outputs to the individual inputs
  • Distribution of HD tri-level YPbPr component signals
  • Output expansion for MUTEC's iClock, iClockdp, MC3.1, MC3.2 and MC3.3


Made In Germany