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MC3.3 VR

SD/HD Video Sync Master Clock Generator

Product discontinued!

MC3.3 VR is an universal and high accurate SD/HD video sync master clock generator.

  • SD video and HD tri-level syncs simultaneously available
  • All SD/HD video reference signals are coupled to one AES11, Grade 1, reference clock (0.5 ppm)
  • Generates HD tri-level test patterns
  • Supports Slow-PAL and NTSC b/w
  • Built-in international power supply


The MC3.3 VR provides different high-stable SD video and HD tri-level reference signals for simultaneous synchronization of SD/HD video devices in television stations, video editing suits or film/video copy studios. The unit offers extremely high flexibility, 12 outputs in total and a new designed, simple user interface.

The SD video reference generator supports PAL 24/25 fps and NTSC 29.97/30 fps as Black + Burst, composite sync and color bar. The HD tri-level video reference generator offers 720p, 1080i and 1080p formats with various frames rates. Furthermore, MC3.3 generates different HD tri-level test patterns as YPrPb component or RGB signals. The SD and HD video generators are indipendently adjustable at the same time. Phase relations of the generated signals will be recognized and tuned automatically. Thus, MC3.3 VR offers a flexible solution for every video editing facility.

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  • SD video and HD tri-level synchronization simultaneously
  • Film and video transfers
  • Stellate video clock signal supply