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March 2024

REF10 NANO: „Perfect introduction to audiophile clocking“

The most affordable 10 MHz reference master clock from MUTEC confirmed its outstanding quality in the test report by reputable German magazine HIFISTATEMENT.

In his article for HIFISTATEMENT, reviewer Dr. Roland Dietl explains in a very comprehensive and informative manner the general functionality and technical concept of a REF10 NANO reference master clock plus its practical integration into a regular hi-fi setup. The latter also with the addition of two MUTEC MC3+ USB interfaces.

During the actual listening test, the effect of this most affordable 10 MHz reference master clock from MUTEC was immediately clearly noticeable:

The REF10 NANO leaves a clear, easily audible footprint in my chain in the categories of spatiality, musical flow and transparency.

An interesting aspect of the author's analysis was the observation that - if the budget is limited - a REF10 NANO is preferable to a second, additionally connected MC3+ USB:

With one MUTEC MC3+ USB, which receives its clock from a REF10 NANO, you come much closer to the listening impressions just described than with two MUTEC MC3+ USB alone.

The perfect combination for almost any digital audio system

In the most elaborate component configuration during his test, Dr. Dietl links a maximum number of digital audio components such as the USB interface, network interface and mainboard of a music PC to the REF10 NANO. They all receive their masterclocking from the NANO individually. The result convinced the experienced reviewer:

This test demonstrates clearly the potential of a REF10 NANO if we supply many or even all devices in a digital chain with its 10 megahertz reference master clock.

The very positive experiences with the MUTEC REF10 NANO lead to a firm and clear conclusion:

MUTEC has created a real winner with the REF10 NANO! It is the natural partner for the MUTEC MC3+ USB and the perfect introduction to audiophile clocking. You can't get this much master clock for your money anywhere else at the moment.

Read the full review (German only)

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