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May 2022

Premium Award for the REF10 SE120 reference master clock

The German audiophile magazine FIDELITY recently presented awards for the most exciting hi-fi products and technologies of the last two years. We are extremely proud that a MUTEC component is among the illustrious circle of winners:
The REF10 SE120 reference master clock.

With this award, the editors of FIDELITY honor components that are among the best and most interesting in their category due to their enthusiasm, sophistication, or certain features and characteristics. Our MUTEC REF10 SE120 was able to meet these high requirements in a very convincing manner.

The FIDELITY editorial team justified the award for the REF10 SE120 as follows:
Jitter (or phase noise) is the most notorious troublemaker in digital audio playback. In this respect, transferring the clocking of the audio data streams to an external clock generator may seem like an extreme measure, but makes perfect sense. Among those clock generators, very few offer such extreme low noise as MUTEC's REF10 SE120. This Master Clock gives digital systems a holographic imaging and ensures complete absence of any digital harshness. The REF10 SE120 has exactly one task and pursues it with unmatched perfection.

The magazine only awards products that the FIDELITY writers have been able to test and evaluate intensively themselves. Harald Wittig was one of the first journalists to review the MUTEC REF10 SE120 in November 2020. He was extremely impressed by this reference master clock:
This is exactly how digital audio should sound, with all the zeros and ones in perfect formation. All the digitally encoded information was decoded, producing the most wonderful sound quality.

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