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August 2019

MC‑3+USB & REF10 reviewed by

Srajan Ebaen, editor and owner of the well respected HiFi blog, had an in-depth look at our digital audio powerhouse consisting of the MC‑3+ Smart Clock USB and the REF10 reference master clock. Learn more about his review and find out why our clocking solution can provide clearly audible improvements for many setups, including top-shelf DACs by premium brands.

In his review, Srajan leaves no stone unturned in his quest to explore the effects of external clocking and reclocking with the help of the MC‑3+USB and the REF10. The primary question to be answered: "At what price point should audiophile digital become impervious to external reclockers?"

To answer this question, he puts our digital "Tower of Power" to the test with a variety of setups ranging from very simple and low-cost to extremely high-end audiophile gear by COS Engineering.

He concludes: "From our hardware, even the €9000 COS Engineering D1 wasn’t impervious to external reclocking. I wish it were different. But until it actually is, external reclocking by way of MUTEC’s MC‑3+USB and REF10 remains a legitimate audibly effective solution."

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