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January 2019

Marvelously Clear Sound

The Japanese audiophile magazines Phileweb and Audio Accessory have recently reviewed the high-end clocking combination of MUTEC’s MC‑3+ Smart Clock USB and REF10 master clock. Find out how the duo performed now.

In the review the editors tested the clocking and re-clocking capabilities of both devices and assessed their contributions on the sound quality in different setup scenarios with three different DACs. In each case, the MC‑3+USB would re-clock the digital source. Meanwhile, the REF10 would either serve as a direct 10 MHz reference for the DAC or as an external clock source for the re-clocking in the MC‑3+USB.

Here are the results for each DAC setup:

  • iFi audio Pro iDSD: clearer sound image and better separation
  • SOULNOTE D-2: magnified and more transparent sound quality
  • MYTEK DIGITAL MANHATTAN DAC II: more precise and discernible time alignment and spatial resolution

Read the full review (Japanese only)

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