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September 2018

Smart Reference Clock and Re-Clocking unit

German blogger and reviewer Fritz Schwertfeger recently did an extensive review of the MC‑3+ Smart Clock USB that also covers the exciting topic of cascading multiple re-clockers. Read all about his conclusions here!

In his review, Fritz I. Schwertfeger puts a special focus on both the convenience and the sonic benefits of the MC‑3+USB, MUTEC’s exceptional audio re-clocker, audiophile USB interface and lowest jitter master clock, can provide. Apart from the ability to upgrade a great-sounding, but technologically outdated Sony TA-DA 9000 ES amplifier to play back high-res audio from a laptop, he was particularly taken by the sonic impact the REVIVE re-clocking can have on musical details and emotion:

"At the end of a process, no matter whether that’s the creative work of a masterly skilled instrument maker, an artisanal craftsman, or an artist - it all leads to the finishing touches. This process removes remaining burrs, ridges, and other irregularities. And if it all doesn’t work out, you have to start anew. An extreme finishing by means of a complete do-over is what the MUTEC MC‑3+USB provides by means of re-clocking, i.e. the recombination of the clock from the audio signal. As shown in the review this can indeed pave the way towards digital perfection."

Read the full review (German only)
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