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January 2017

Digits is Digits? Maybe Not...

Just got your head round the simplicity of connecting your computer to a DAC? HIFICRITIC editor Andrew Everard explains why the reality may not be quite as simple and how the MUTEC MC-3+USB comes to the rescue.

Digits is Digits? Maybe Not...

Andrew's conclusion after putting the MC-3+USB through its paces:
"I have tried various programs to convert DSD to 176.4kHz or 88.2kHz 24-bit files [...], but somehow such conversions don’t sound as convincing as those processed through the MUTEC. Put simply, this little unit gives the sound more punch, more conviction and less ‘grain’, revealing more detail and ambience, better slam in the bass, finer textures in bass strings and drums, and just that bit more character on voices and lead instruments. What’s more, trying it with a variety of DACs able to take USB input reveals that even with 16-bit/ 44.1kHz CD-quality files (not to mention higher- sampling-and-bit-rate PC content), it manages the same trick of making the music sound more natural and less mechanical."

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