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August 2016

Re-Clocking - the best way to improve your digital audio

The experienced British HiFi editor Andrew Everard recently had the chance for a close look at the bits and Kilohertz of the MUTEC MC-3+ Smart Clock USB. With every DAC he tested it with, the MC-3+USB impressed with clearly audible sonic gains!

In his review, Andrew Everard concludes:

"So (deep breath), does it work? The simple answer is yes, and with every single device with which I’ve tested it. In the past few months I’ve had through my room a bewildering variety of DACs, from those built into a number of integrated amplifiers all the way up to big-ticket non-oversampling audiophile models, and in every case the MUTEC has brought sonic gains which are immediately apparent, from cleaner detail in even the subtlest nuances of recordings through to a tighter sense of rhythm and timing, and – my personal favourite – enhanced presence."

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The MC-3+ Smart Clock USB is distributed in the UK by Affinity Audio.
Author: Andrew Everard

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