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July 2016

First user report about the MC-3+USB firmware V1.10

Willem Zimpel has been a long time MUTEC aficionado and he had the chance to beta-test the new firmware V1.10 for the MC-3+ Smart Clock USB as one of the very first users. Read his report to learn how the update unlocks even the last hidden treasures in digital audio.

By Willem Zimpel:

Even the first version of the MC-3+USB catapulted my digital reproduction chain towards a new hearing dimension that has ensued a big satisfaction since then. Is a further improvement possible? This idea (desire) still keeps resonating secretly.

"What is not can still be" they say in and around Cologne!

Therefore, it came about in the form of a new software update that Mr. Peters, CEO of MUTEC, kindly sent me in advance at the end of June 2016.

Yes, this again was a sit-up from the first bar that I listened to. Even if it is not the huge step as the very first adding of the MC3+USB into the signal chain, nevertheless, significant improvements are immediately recognizable. As I am rather highly pampered with the "Mundus Naturschallwandler" transducers, I anyway hear details that, due to their systemic designs, other speakers are not able to translate.

Specifically, I like to emphasize that for me the most important improvement is the sonic resolution of complex music as e.g. large choirs (Mercedes Sosa "Misa Criolla") or orchestras (WDR Big Band). At very high levels, they are reproduced even more sophisticatedly, still achieving an improved stable sound profile, no matter what source device delivers the signals.
In addition, spatial information behind the listener (e.g. applause) is displayed more intensely. Moreover, I wonder again what all is slumbering covertly in the CD with its relatively low sample rate and bit depth. It just needs to be unlocked!

The automatic switching of DSD/PCM sources too has to be appraised rather positively!

With the new update, you made the MC-3+ Smart Clock USB into an even more efficient digital playback module. Thank you, Mr. Peters!

Which surprise will come next?

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