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May 2016

MUTEC at High End 2016

For the first time in the company's history MUTEC exhibited at the High End show, a convention for excellent consumer audio, at MOC in Munich this year.

The relaxed environment at the MUTEC booth was the ideal meeting point for detailed discussion with existing distribution partners and end users. It was great to meet so many of you face to face! An important goal for the show was to establish new business relationships and we are excited about all the new contacts that we were able to meet and share the latest news about upcoming MUTEC products with them.

We would like to thank you all for your interest and for visiting us at High End 2016. The following picture gallery shares some impressions from the show floor for you to enjoy and will hopefully encourage you to visit us again next year.

A High End staple: the big blue balloon in front of the MOC center

The second and third show days were particularly busy despite the fantastic spring weather

The audiophile MC series products: MC-1.2, MC-3+ Smart Clock USB, and MC-3+ Smart Clock (left to right)

The MC-3+ Smart Clock USB in action combined with a Lake People headphone amp and DAC

The MUTEC snack bus has become a permanent member of the team to keep the sugar levels up

JPLAY optimizing the audiophile playback via Foobar2000 on a Windows laptop

The MUTEC booth is all ready for the first show day

Chris Connaker, the founder of the popular Computer Audiophile forum, with MUTEC's marketing specialist Julian David

Frits de Groot from our Dutch distributor Helios and MUTEC CEO Christian Peters

João Martins, editor-in-chief at audioXpress, and Julian David

Norbert Lehmann, CEO and founder of Lehmann Audio, and Christian Peters. The foreground shows the MUTEC MC-3+USB with the Lehmann Audio Linear D

It is our great pleasure to introduce Bálint Ferenc of Soundmania as our new distribution partner in Hungary

Behind the scenes at the LowBeats interview shoot with René Heller and Christian Peters

René Heller, Jürgen Schröder (both LowBeats) and Christian Peters (left to right)

Fried Reim of Lake People / Violectric