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November 2015

MC-3+ Smart Clock USB – A new Dimension for Digital Audio

November 2015, MUTEC from Berlin, German manufacturer of professional A/V studio and highest fidelity consumer audio equipment, will be shipping the new MC-3+ Smart Clock USB on November 20th. Setting a new benchmark for clocking technology and the reproduction of digital audio, the MC-3+USB uniquely combines an audiophile USB interface with an audio re-clocker in perfection.

The new MC-3+USB by MUTEC marks a milestone in audiophile digital audio. For the first time ever, the unit combines MUTEC’s groundbreaking REVIVE Re-Clocking with a new USB interface optimized for highest fidelity consumer audio. This bi-directional, asynchronous interface acts as a USB isolator that transformer isolates the re-clocking circuit from noise interference caused by music servers and audio computers. In combination with the subsequent re-clocking process these measures yield a significant improvement in the audio quality of connected digital audio devices. As a result, the audio playback will be rendered with increased depth and width, more precise imaging, and with a more musical representation of the recorded space in all dimensions. Stock consumer audio devices, laptops, and audio computers can now achieve a new level of perfection that was previously only obtainable at a premium cost or by means of luxury cables.

Furthermore, the MC-3+USB is a flexible, bi-directional format converter, including the USB path of the interface. In addition to ordinary PCM streams the interface is also capable of receiving native DSD and DoP streams and converting them to PCM audio in real-time. The PCM audio can be sent to a total of five audio formats at different selectable clock rates simultaneously.

The most significant features of the MC-3+USB however are its unmatched suppression of noise and its jitter-free audio performance, particularly when selecting the USB interface as the source. Using the cutting-edge components, lowest-noise audio oscillators and power suppy, as well as high-speed, IT-tech isolators, the USB interface is close to immune towards interferences from PCs, laptops or music servers. The MC-3+USB is capable of delivering a consistent, highest-grade audio performance regardless of the quality of the USB source.

MUTEC’s proprietary 1G-Clock technology, renowned among Hi-Fi aficionados, has been significantly optimized for the MC-3+USB. Utilizing the latest developments in circuit design, the jitter and noise performance has been drastically improved to achieve a new level of musicality in digital audio reproduction.


  • Improved, next generation REVIVE Re-Clocking algorithm based on MUTEC’s 1G-Clock technology
  • Audiophile, galvanically isolated 2-channel USB interface reduces HF interference
  • Digital audio conditioner improving the quality of connected devices
  • Flexible digital switching matrix, audio format and DSD-PCM converter
  • Intuitive user interface and simple installation, ready for future updates
  • Available with black or clear aluminum face plate


  • Optimizes jitter-affected digital sources like CD transports, satellite radios, and streamers
  • Ideally suited as a signal conditioner to audibly improve any DAC
  • Enables computer audio via USB at highest fidelity levels
  • Renders expensive luxury cables unnecessary
  • Acts as a digital audio switching matrix, format converter, and master clock

In summary, the MC-3+ Smart Clock USB by MUTEC expands a new dimension for the reproduction of digital audio signals. The sound stage becomes more transparent, more refined, and more open – free from limitations and fogginess. As such, the MC-3+USB will prove its worth in many audiophile listening rooms around the world.

The MC-3+USB will be shipping on November 20th and will be available at MUTEC dealers worldwide immediately thereafter.