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November 2014

Faces of 28th Deutsche Tonmeistertagung

November 2014, Deutsche Tonmeistertagung, Cologne - MUTEC has successfully finished the 28th Deutsche Tonmeistertagung in Cologne, Germany. The MUTEC booth was visited by lots of customers and A/V professionals. We had relaxed and interesting discussions, could built new business contacts and win already new customers for our upcoming products in 2015.

We thank all of you for your interest in our products and your visit during the Deutsche Tonmeistertagung 2014! Hereafter, we have some photo shots of customers and friends of MUTEC just to remind this show. Enjoy!

MUTEC booth ready for the show

Brand new products at the show:
MC-3+ Smart Clock USB, a unique USB interface with audio re-clocking and master clock section
REF10, an ultra-low noise 10MHz audiophile reference master clock

Various products of MUTEC's MC series

Busloads of snacks

Albrecht Müller and Lars Hoffmann of Südwest Rundfunk

Georg Biberger, assistant devision manage of studio & media technology of Thomann Audio Professionell

Hans Hamacher of Hyperactive Audiotechnik

Friedemann Kotz of Germany's no. 1 pro audio magazine: Studio Magazin

Peter Kaminski of

Sue Gould, sales & marketing manager of the Pro Audio Asia magazine

Thomas Röhsler and Ulrich Wiemers, audiophile product beta testers of MUTEC

??? and Hans Hamacher of Pro Audio Concept

Bernd Abromeit and his wife of HDPK, Berlin

Conny Kensy, head of marketing at ArchWave

Roger Schult, head of rs-mastering

Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager of ALC NetworX
Andreas Hildebrand, Produkt-Manager von ALC NetworX

Thorsten Feuerherdt, MUTEC hardware development, together with Roland Stenz of EVE Audio

Winfried Rothenberg of 3-X Berlin Pro Audio displaying the new MC-3+ Smart Clock USB

Thorsten Feuerherdt, Roger Schult, Dirk Wannemacher

Dirk Wannemacher of DW Musikproduktion & Soundservice

Urte Heinze, Junger Audio, Fritz Fey, Studio Magazin, Maxim Zyrianov, Junger Audio

Roland Stenz, CEO of EVE Audio

The boss himself: Fritz Fey, Studio Magazin

Colin Broad, CEO of CB electronics

Roger Schult and Valeska Huland of rs-mastering, Fritz Fey

Michael Werner, studio design dept. of SMM

Dieter Stork, Photographer of Musik Media Verlag, Vivien Hauser, press dept. of Musik Media Verlag

See you next time at Tonmeister 2016 during November 24th until 27th.

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