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May 2014

MUTEC starts shipping the worldwide unique FMC-07 FlashROM Expansion Card for Yamaha Music Workstations

MUTEC from Germany, manufacturer of professional audio and video equipment, starts to ship the new FMC-07 FlashROM expansion card which enables users of Yamaha Tyros 4+5, MOTIF and MOXF music workstations to double the memory capacity of their devices.

MUTEC's exclusive FMC-07 high-density FlashROM memory expansion card offers - worldwide unique - with 2048MB the largest memory capacity for Yamaha's Tyros 4+5, MOTIF-XF and MOXF music workstations. With help of the FMC-07, the current maximum memory of all previously mentioned workstations can now be easily doubled. That enables the user to play with much larger waveforms/samples, respectively with samples of higher resolution for better sound quality. Especially for live events, the FMC-07 allows to play longer rhythm loops or other background sounds without the need of re-loading the FlashROM memory. Apart from all that, the handling of the FMC-07 is very easy, it can be exchanged with every of the standard FlashROM cards. In the MOTIF workstations, the combined use of the FMC-07 with Yamaha's or MUTEC's 512MB (FMC-05) or 1024MB (FMC-06) FlashROM cards is possible.

The FMC FlashROM expansions are based on a 6-way multilayer PCB design which helps to reduce electrical noise during data transfer which supports best possible sound. To secure the highest production quality, the FMCs are assembled with components of brand name manufacturers only on latest assembling-machines. Their perfect working is guaranteed by 100% in-system-tests. All MUTEC FMC FlashROM expansions are strictly manufactured in Germany and available from now on all over the world.

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